SH-52 Snake River Bridge Replacement

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Thank you for your interest in the SH-52 Snake River Bridge Replacement.

The purpose of this online meeting is to gather your feedback and input on design plans.

This meeting will be available from May 11-25, 2023.

View of SH-52 bridge over Snake River from water level. Green trees outline the river's edge.

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Project Overview and Background

Map of the project area. Centennial Park boat ramp and Riverside Cemetary are marked to the south east of the Snake river and SH-52 Bridge.

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is designing a new State Highway 52 (SH-52) Bridge in Payette over the Snake River, which connects Idaho and Oregon.

Built in 1953, the bridge no longer meets current highway bridge standards for motorists, including freight haulers who transport produce across the region.

The bridge barriers, width, and surface will be improved in coordination with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Support structures underneath Snake River Bridge
View of SH-52 bridge over Snake River from the water's edge.

Construction Phasing

ITD and ODOT heard from emergency responders and haulers that a full closure would greatly impact response time and access.

Bridge construction will be phased, meaning a new bridge will be constructed one half at a time.

Construction will take approximately two years.

View at street level of cars driving over Snake River Bridge
View from water level of SH-52 bridge over Snake River. A floating dock is in the foreground.

Bridge and Roadway Design Details

Detailed map of the project area.

For a closer look, view the design details plan PDF.


The new bridge will include:

  • Two 12-foot lanes
  • Two 8-foot shoulders
  • New deck and guardrail
Typical sections of Phase 1, 2 and Final section of the bridge detailing where lanes will be designated as the bridge is expanded during construction.


The reconstructed roadway will include:

  • Two 12-foot lanes
  • Two 8-foot shoulders
Typical sections of roadway detailing 12-foot lane and 8-foot shoulder sections.


Project Schedule: Feasibility Study completed fall, 2021. Public Information Meeting #1 in spring 2023. Preliminary design in fall of 2023. Public Information Meeting #2 in spring of 2024. Final design in summer 2024. Construction tentatively scheduled in 2026 with possibility to advance to 2025 based on funding and scheduling availability.

Stay Involved


For more information, contact:

HDR C/O Jennifer Gonzalez

412 E. Parkcenter Blvd. Suite 100
Boise, ID 83706

Project Webpage


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While your comments are always welcome, they can be best utilized if received by May 25, 2023.

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While your comments are always welcome, they can best be utilized if received by May 25, 2023. Thank you!